Monday, November 15, 2010

The Talent Show

This past Friday was an interesting day at Willowcrest Public School. Principal Fuller's morning announcements started off as usual, but towards the end, it was reported that our science teacher, Mr. Worthington, was missing a prized specimen from his rock collection. Specifically, his eclogite metamorphic rock had disappeared!... What exactly is an eclogite metamorphic rock you might ask?... Well I have no idea, but apparently it's really old... Even older than Principal Fuller!

Not surprising, Arnie Lambert was the first to blurt out his suggestion for solving the mystery, "why don't we just put a picture of the missing rock on milk cartons everywhere?!" Arnie got his first laugh of the day in record time! If anyone is heading for a career in comedy, it's Arnie!

Anyway, more about the rock mystery a little later, but first let's get back to the really exciting part of the morning announcements, the news about the school talent show which was taking place later in the day. The big show was finally here, and I was lucky enough to be helping out behind the scenes. I would have auditioned for the show, but the problem is, I have no talent! I'm good at collecting stuff, but that talent really doesn't translate well on stage. Kind of like watching grass grow in the meadow!

The three highlights of the show were Daisy May playing the piano, Brenda Duffy with her baton twirling act, and Bradley Moore showing off his dancing cockatoo.

Daisy gave everything she had on the good old school piano, but I think she was a bit nervous, and there were some major sour notes along the way. I hate to say it, but I can still  play a better twinkle twinkle little star on my parents touch tone phone!

Brenda had the high energy show of the day! She was all over the stage with that twirling, whirling baton, and you could see that she was having a great time. Unfortunately she almost took off Ms.Wallaby's head with what I can only describe as a wobble, bobble, side step, backwards, underarm, fast paced toss. I would have loved to see that in slow motion!

And finally there was Bradley's dancing cockatoo, Pedro. I helped set the stage for this performance, and was amazed during the rehearsal when I saw Pedro do this incredible animated dance across a piece of clothes line which was strung between the wall and a tall pole attached to a box. Unfortunately, nobody told Bradley that the bird had stage fright, and when his name was announced, and the curtain opened up, there was Pedro doing his best impression of what a deer in the headlights might look like. And then the music started, and Pedro might as well have been a statue. He didn't move, he didn't flinch, and I never saw Bradley turn such a deep shade of red when someone in the audience yelled out, "are you sure he's alive?!" There was definitely a lesson to be learned here regarding performing pets!

All in all the show was fun, and everyone had a great time. At the very end, when we were dismantling all the props on stage, there were two things that I had noticed. First, Pedro had left a huge mess on the floor, which I promptly put Bradley in charge of, and second, the box holding up the pole which held Pedro's clothes line, was crazy heavy. I asked Bradley what was in the box, and he said that he had just added some stuff to make it stable. Guess what I found when I opened up the box?!... You got it!... Mr. Worthington's eclogite metamorphic rock!... Case closed!... Another great day!

Until next time,

Happy collecting!


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